Issues in 2014
October 2014


October 2014

Teaching is a Natural Cognitive Ability for Humans:An interview with Sidney Strauss

ZHOU Jiaxian,HE Qing & WANG Haoyu

Looking back on Centenary:Jerome Bruner’s comment on Piaget and Vygotsky——Comprehension on Celebrating Divergence:Piaget and Vygotsky

FANG Mingsheng & LI Xiaoyu

Curriculum Studies Approaching the ''Post-reconceptualization'':Poststructuralist Feminist Curriculum History as an Example

WANG Wenzhi

The Relationship between Questioning and Students’ Learning: The New Focus of Research on Questioning in the Classroom in Western Countries

MA Yongjun

Introduction Mathematics Literacy Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement of South Africa on the Grades 10-12

ZHANG Weizhong,LU Jijian & CHEN Feiling

How to Dismiss Incompetent Teachers:Experience and Problems in the USA

YANG Weian & WU Zhihui

A Review on the Research of Teacher Rights in the Past Century

WANG Mingshuai

Understand “Teachers are Engineers of Human Soul”:Review and Reflection on the Traditional Metaphor about Teachers

ZHANG Jingjing

A Review on Studies of Teacher Resilience

CHEN Yuhua

An Exploration of Economic Education of compulsory schooling in China:Teaching Material Development on Foundation upon "Needs"

SHEN Xiaomin

The Present State, Content and Effect of Economic Education: A Comparison of Regular Education at Senior High School between China and Japan

YIN Xiuyan,Asano Tadayoshi & XU Li

The Research on Development of Children and Adolescents' Integrity Concept in China

LI Dexian & DI Yanming

Pathway and Policy Analysis of Investing and Implementing Early Childhood Development Program under the Vision of Human Development

HE Huihua