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ICI Student Cultivation║Nearly 60% of Research Proposals Submitted by Graduate Students from ICI Were Accepted by AERA 2022


A total of 13 conference papers submitted by graduate students from ICI were accepted, the authors of these papers will be invited to attend the AERA annual meeting in April 2022.

Since 2019, the acceptance rate of AERA papers written by first-year doctoral students from ICI has risen steadily. This year, seven doctoral students have submitted their research proposals and four of their research proposals have been accepted, with an acceptance rate nearly 60%, far exceeding the average AERA acceptance rate (20%).

Relevant Details of the Accepted Papers

The Authors

Key Measures for International Scientific Research and Education

As a key research base of humanities and social sciences of the Ministry of Education, ICI attached great importance to the academic training of graduate students. Through the implementation of graduate training reform measures, ICI committed to training graduate students with international competitiveness.

First, a research-teaching two-way promotion mechanism has been established. Besides, ICI continues to improve the phased goal of graduate training and improve the quality of graduate education. What’s more, ICI is committed to creating professional core curriculum, we invited high-level overseas experts to teach research methods for doctoral students to help graduate students from the beginning of their academic career.

Brief Introduction of AERA

The American Educational Research Association (AERA) was founded in 1916. AERA devoted itself to academic research in the field of education and to promote the popularization and practical application of educational research achievements. AERA Annual Meeting is the most large-scale and influential educational academic conference in the world, which builds a platform for sharing and exchange for scholars, teachers and graduate students engaged in education, management, testing and evaluation in various countries.