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ICI Academic║Professor Liu Lianghua's new book focuses on Xingfa teaching


Recently, Professor Liu Lianghua from the Institute of Curriculum and Teaching of East China Normal University published a new book "Xingfa Teaching Theory-Outline of New Curriculum and New Teaching Reform" in Jiangxi People's Publishing House.

Author: Professor Liu Lianghua

"Xingfa Teaching Theory" provides comprehensive interpretation of the general basic principles of teacher education and teaching in all subjects and disciplines of primary and secondary schools, helping teachers grasp the orientation of educating and following the laws of education in the process of education and teaching. Through a series of curriculum construction and theoretical guidance, the book helps comprehending the educational value of primary and secondary schools and guides teachers to improve the theoretical level of education and teaching so as to enhance teaching level and the ability of cultivating people through virtue by combine practices and theories.


As early as 2012, Lianghua, Zhengmei and I put forward the concept of Xingfa teaching almost at the same time. The three of us have different backgrounds, so it can be said that we have reached the same goal by different routes. Liang Hua took the lead in timely writing the first Xingfa teaching monograph "Xingfa Teaching Theory" in China. The publication of this book will play an important role in promoting the teaching philosophy of Xingfa.

-Liu Tiefang, a professor from School of Educational Science of Hunan Normal University

Xing or initiated, is the emotional or aesthetic awakening and reflection on the sinking state, mediocrity and fixed state of life, and pushes life back to the path of authenticity. As far as school education is concerned, deep learning occurs only when students felt Xing.

- Peng Zhengmei, a professor from Institute of International and Comparative Education of ECNU

Xingfa teaching is the restoration of the ancient Chinese education tradition of "active learning" or "I do not open up the truth to one who is not eager to get knowledge, nor help out any one who is not anxious to explain himself. " Xingfa teaching also emphasizes that teachers not only need to wait for students to ask questions, but also can arouse students' interest and love for learning (love and will) when students do not have the interest and willingness to learn. Whether teachers can carry out their own effective teaching depends on whether teachers have the professional skills of Xingfa teaching.

- Liu Lianghua, a professor from ICI of ECNU