Issues in 2014
August 2014


August 2014

About the concept "Inquiry"

REN Changsong

Case Study of Curriculum Design for Innovative Students in the Stage of Basic Education

WANG Jingying & ZHANG Jingbin

Concerning on Significance: The Deep Pursuit of Knowledge Teaching

YING Qiong & LI Zhaocun

The Paradigm of Art-Based Educational Research

Yi Xiaoming

Review of Singapore’s Engaged Learning

LIU Dongyan & LIU Jiafang

The Building of Evaluation Indicators for Selection of Excellent Sino-Foreign Cooperative Institutions/Programs

WANG Jianhua

World Industrial Heritage Education (WIHE) Based on the Metropolitan Background Research

MAO Yijing

The Change on the Knowledge Production and Knowledge Diffusion of Research

University: A Perspective on National Innovation System

WANG Zhiqiang

Operational Considerations for Opening Branch Campuses Abroad: Perspectives of Australia


Research on the Characteristics of Normal University Student's Classroom Knowledge Structures: Based on the Comparison between Classroom Knowledge Structure and Knowledge Structure of Textbooks

ZHAN Xiaohong & WANG Zuhao

The Construction of Teacher Responsibility in the Field of School: An Empirical Study from the Perspective of Cultural Accountability

WANG Lijia

A Cross-national Comparison on Composite Difficulties of Examples in High School Mathematics Textbooks

WANG Jianpan & BAO Jiansheng

The Dissemination of Modern Science and the Origins of Science Education in China

CAI Tiequan

Enlightenment from School-based Assessment (SBA) of the Evaluation of Hong Kong High School Chinese LanguageCourses