Issues in 2014
May 2014


May 2014

On the Complexity Turn of the Western Curriculum Studies

ZHANG Liang & CHEN Yue

The Pathway of Teaching Process: Means and Inquiry:The Understanding of the Teaching Concept Based on Ms Stacy’s Demonstration Class

Gu Yunhu & CHEN Gang

Analysis on Concepts of Academic Courses, Vocational Courses, and Their Integration: From Perspective of Vocational Education

CHEN Peng & PANG Xueguang

Foucault, Subjectivity and Power Critique:Concurrently on the Critical Theory of Critical Pedagogy

RONG Tingwei

The Development Mechanism of Teachers’ Practical Knowledge

CHEN Jingjing & JIANG Meiling

Study on the Teachers’ Practical Ability in Application-oriented Universities

WEI Wenlian

Research on Teacher Allocation of Compulsory Education in Jiangsu Province

WANG Jun & ZONG Xiaohua

Child-centeredness:from Modern Principle of Education to Emerging of An Ideal Society

LIU Xiaodong

Bilingualism: the Coexisting Opportunities and Challenges for Young Children


Multidynamic Literacy Theory:A New Theoretical Stance of American Early Childhood Literacy Instruction Philosophy

WANG Hailan

The Origin of Governance and Historical Logic of University Governance

XUN Yuan

Dealing with Balance: From “Graded School” to “Standardized School”:Taking the Example of N District in G City, Guangdong Province

LIU Dage

Dialogue on Didactics: Development and Reform:Review on “Postgraduate Academic Forum—Sino-German Dialogue on Didactics”

GAO Yuan,ZHANG Yuxian & PENG Zhengmei

Teacher Education and Teacher Professional Development from Multidimensional Perspectives:Summary of the 2nd Roundtable Forum on Curriculum in Shanghai

CHEN Guoming & HU Huimin