Issues in 2014
March 2014


March 2014

The Developing Direction of Upper Secondary Education in China: Toward Comprehensiveness


Senior High School Education Reform in China: Historical Experience and Future Choice

LIU Wanhai

A Historical Study on General High School’s Positioning

ZHOU Kunliang

Reform of China’s Senior High School Education: Between International View and Local Practice

ZHONG Jianwei

The Issues to be Focused in Curriculum Research: The Study of Curriculum Language

WANG Hongxi

Analysis of the Evaluation Methods of Science Textbook Difficulty

CHEN Yan & WANG Zuhao

Reflection on the Criticism of Technology Rationality in Instruction


Hotspot Topics and Evolution of Curriculum Research in the Past 12 Years in China:Based on the Knowledge Mapping of Key Words of CSSCI Educational Journals Published in 2001—2012

YAN Shouxuan,ZHU Ningbo & ZENG Youlai

United States Win Education Advantage through High School:A Field Research of Virginia Public High Schools in Greater Richmond Area


The Plan of Reform and the Practical Cases in American High Schools

LIANG Xiaoge & ZHU Yiming

A Small Amount of Subjects to Implement Tiered Curriculum & Arrangement School Curriculum in Accordance with an Idea:Latest Characteristics of Senior Secondary Australian Mathematics Curriculum Standard and Its Enlightenment to Improve the Curriculum Standards of China

KONG Fanzhe,CUI Yingmei,YAN Jiali & SHI Ningzhong

The Agenda Setting of College Matriculation Policy for Migrant Children in China: A Multiple Streams Explanation

JING Anlei, ZHOU Haitao & LI Qian

The Relationship of Government and Civil Society of Social Support for Education Reform and Development


Systematic Development on Exercises from the View of Effective Teaching: The Eighth National Seminar on Theory and Practice of Effective Teaching

ZHANG He,WANG Maohua, LIN Qian & WANG Xiaohui