Issues in 2014
September 2014


September 2014

Teacher Education: A Field full of Political Struggle——An Interview with Prof. Michael Apple


Post-modernism Perspective on Reading and Proposals for Its Implementation

LUO Zubing & HE Feifei

Review on Experience of Implementing Leadership for Learning in the Britain

AI Shigen

A Study on the Interactions Between Students and Teachers in 'Flip Classroom' Based on FIAS Analysis Model:A Case Study of High School Physics Class

CHEN Zhenguo,DENG Zhiwen,YU Guangyin & LI Sheng

“The Learned Society” :A Booster of Curriculum Reform - A Case Study of the Society of Japanese Science Teaching

JIN Jingze & ISOZAKI Tetsuo

On the Ethicality of Teachers’ Listening


Teachers’ Discourse Competence in Values Education

WANG Xi & CHEN Xiaoxiao

How the Young Children are to be Research Participants:The Mosaic Approach and Its Theoretical Meaning


Saving Children Controlled by the Media Culture: A Critical Issue of Curriculum Reform in Teacher Education

HE Shanyun

Analysis on the Change Trend of Pre-school Age Population and Education Demand after Population Policy Changed

LIANG Wenyan,WANG Weiwei & SHI Yanmin

Career Adaptability: A New Perspective on Career Education and Guidance of the Adolescents

ZHU Lingyun

The Evolution of Research Performance Assessment on UK Universities and Its Regulatory Effects

ZONG Xiaohua & CHEN Jingyi