Issues in 2014


December 2014

Learning and Education with BIG DATA Interview with Professor Viktor Mayor-Schonberger

and Mr.Kenneth Cukier

ZHAO Zhongjian & ZHANG Yannan

Crisis and New Orientation of General Didactics in Germany:An Interview with Hilbert Meyer

PENG Zhengmei & ZHANG Yuxian

The Study on the Combination of Assessment and Classroom Teaching

KONG Qiping

Effective Teaching:From GDP to GNH

ZHU Wenhui

On Teachers’ Cultural Sensitivity of Classroom Instruction and Its Cultivation

CHENG Lianghong & MA Xinying

Study on Status and Influence Factors of Mathematics Academic Achievements of Compulsory Education in Mainland China

LIU Jian,ZHANG Dan,QI Chunxia & CAO Yiming

Instructional-Design Model of Learning for Physics Concepts and Laws:From the Views of Learning Psychology


Corrosion Prevention and Education:The Dual Mission of Incorrupt Administration Cultural Construction for Education System

LUO Guozhen & YU Yang

Measurement of Family Socioeconomic Status

HUANG Xiaorui

The Lags in Education Policy and the Social Eliminating Mechanism


A Study on Children-Learning-Outcomes-Oriented Evaluation of American Teacher Education Programs: Experiences and Lessons Learned from Stanford University


Comprehensive Internationalization:New Trends in Internationalization of American Higher Education

GHEN Deyun