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ICI Breakthroughs in 2021║Experts of ICI Were Invited to Tell Chinese Stories at UNESCO (I)


Breakthrough I:

AI Curriculum and Instruction in China

IBE-UNESCO is highly concerned about

how AI enters the curriculum in primary and secondary schools.

IBE-UNESCO needs exemplary curriculum plans and curriculum implementation.


ICI was invited to summarize the leading experience of

AI curriculum and instruction

in Chinese high schools,

and organize reports and relevant cases

that radiate to other education systems.

IBE-UNESCO is the only international organization

that focus on the field of curriculum and instruction.

The cooperation is an important step for ICI

to tell the Chinese stories at the international core platform.

Experts from ICI conducted in-depth communication with IBE-UNESCO,

and submitted an advisory report.

Yang Xiaozhe

Associate Professor, ICI, ECNU

1. Director of International Classroom Analysis Laboratory, ICI.

2. A core member of the Information and Technology Curriculum Standard Group (for general high schools), the Ministry of Education.

3. Publications: Five-dimensional Breakthroughs: Internet + Education, Little Bit’s Adventure of Three-dimensional Printing, zSpace: Research on Virtual Reality, Information Competency: Digital Learning and Innovation.

Wang Tao

Associate Professor, ICI, ECNU

1. Assistant to the director of ICI.

2. Secretary of the Compulsory Education Curriculum Plan Revision Group, the Ministry of Education; a member of the expert group of OECD Future of Education and Skills 2030.

3. Research Interests: curriculum design toward core competencies, learning response and instructional design, multicultural education.

The report has been highly recognized by IBE-UNESCO,

and is of great significance

for the international artificial intelligence

curriculum plan and its implementation.