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ICI Breakthroughs in 2021║Experts of ICI Were Invited to Tell Chinese Stories at UNESCO (II)


Breakthrough II:

The Middle-tier Teaching Leadership in Shanghai Education System

On December 1st, 2021,

IIEP-UNESCO issued IIEP in action 2021,

which is an official report that 193 member states of UNNESCO

submitted to the all hands meeting every two years.

A study of school middle-tier leadership in Shanghai, China

written by professor Chen Shuangye and Zhang Weiin ICI

was accepted in full text.

Professor Chen Shuangye

A Deputy Director of the Faculty of Education, ECNU

A Research Fellow in ICI

Professor Zhang Wei

The Executive Director of The Centre for International Research

in Supplementary Tutoring (CIRIST)

IIEP in action 2021 directly quotes one of their conclusions,

which is only direct quote among six reports

(From India, Jordan, Kenya, Rwanda, China-Shanghai, the United Kingdom-Wales)

“The middle-tier space serves as a… collaborative platform to which schools and teachers can constantly turn for support… where resistance and tensions are moderated, where the conflicts are negotiated, and where the spirit of change is accepted and internalized.”

Professor Chen Shuangye and Zhang Wei

were commissioned to undertake the case study named

“Middle-tier Teaching Leadership” in China

(Shanghai) in December 2020.

The two professors promoted the concept of

scattered and plane middle-level teaching leadership

to “the middle-tier space of teaching leadership”.

They skillfully create new concepts and expressions that

integrate the understanding from China and beyond,

which clearly and vividly demonstrates that

Chinese educational stories and the spirit behind them.

Their study exerted an extensive international influence on

telling Chinese stories and spreading Chinese voices.