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ICI Breakthroughs in 2021║Experts of ICI Were Invited to Tell Chinese Stories at UNESCO (III)


Breakthrough III:

The Academic Support Behind the Report of Future Education

Since 2019, UNESCO has launched the initiative named “Futures of Education”.

This latest flagship project is commissioned by the

National Commission for UNESCO and the ASPnet.

ICI is responsible for the preparation, research implementation,

and writing of the China report.

It is the first research project that ICI carried out

since it was employed as the academic advisory entity of international centre for


Associate professor Wang Tao served as the leading researcher of the project.

Professor Chen Shuangye, Cui Yunhuo, Shi Yuchen, Zhang Wei,

and numbers of postgraduate students,

such as Yin Sa, Deng Haiyun, Wu Yue, Lin Danyan,

participated in this project.

Wang Tao

Associate Professor, ICI, ECNU

1. Assistant to the director of ICI.

2. Secretary of the Compulsory Education Curriculum Plan Revision Group, the Ministry of Education; a member of the expert group of OECD Future of Education and Skills 2030.

3. Research Interests: curriculum design toward core competencies, learning response and instructional design, multicultural education.

In order to make in-depth communication about

“Imagination 2050” “Global civil education” “Sustainable development”,

ICI held nine focus group discussions.

At the end of 2021,

the UNESCO officially released

Reframing Our Future Together: A New Social Contract for Education.

The report The Future of Education, Global Citizenship and Sustainable Development:

A Survey of Chinese Schools in the ASPnet, UNESCO

written by ICIers,

was adopted in full text.

The report focused on the connotation of ecological civilization and

the concept of sustainable development in

Beijing, Shanghai, Qingdao, Hainan and other places.

Combined with the cases, this report revealed the

curriculum development, teaching design, learning evaluation, home-school cooperation

of international understanding education and sustainable development education.

At the global launch organized by ASPnet, UNESCO,

Professor Fernando M. Reimers in the School of Education at Harvard University

praised the report submitted by ICI for several times.

He and some representatives of other countries said that the China report “set a high bar for other countries”.