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ICI Policy Advisory║The Official Website of MOE Released Professor Wu Gangping’s Interpretation of Curriculum Plan and Standards of Compulsory Education (2022 Version)


According to the unified arrangement of the Ministry of Education (MOE), the experts from ICI continuously participate in the revision of “the New Curriculum”. Invited by MOE, several experts from ICI have participated in the revision of Curriculum Plan and Standards of Compulsory Education since January 2019. ICIers continue to serve the top-level design of national curriculum reform, and promote the iterative development of “the New Curriculum”.

On April 21st, 2022, the Ministry of Education officially issued curriculum plan and curriculum standards (16 subjects totally) of compulsory education (2022 version), and released expert interpretations from professor Cui Yunhuo, Hu Huimin, Wu Gangping, etc.

New Direction for Structural Reform of Curriculum Content

Prof. Wu Gangping


Expert of the Revision Group

Curriculum content is the most essential part of the curriculum standards revision. If the content remains unchanged, the implementation of core competency would be hard. The new round revision integrates and presents the curriculum content on the basis of the concept of core competency. It reflects the new trend of curriculum content reform, exerts far-reaching impact on deepening education reform and on promoting the high-quality development of compulsory education.

The revision first strengthened curriculum content’s value on cultivating people. It also highlighted curriculum content from a learning-centered view. Finally, it developed different forms of curriculum content, such as big idea, big task, etc.

It needs to be emphasized that the revision does not weaken disciplinary knowledge, it is guided by the concept of core competency and integrates disciplinary core knowledge into learning activities, such as disciplinary or interdisciplinary topics, projects or tasks.